Friday, May 7, 2010

A day in the life

6:am wake up
trudge to kitchen, boil water, stir nescafe, milk
Toast, yogurt, strawberries, banana

Read post of Mr. OHD

7:am, rushing now, slapping on makeup, choosing outfit according to some notion of appearing professional. Buttons help. Add lucky Chinese bracelets last minute.

7:25 waiting for big blackie to pull up.

7:45, Athens traffic

8:00 client pick up at Electra Palace hotel: Bob, Vicky, Andy, Gail...
"Ready to go to the center of the universe?"

9:00 Athens traffic

10:00 pull off to Cafe 90 for coffee #2 and tiropita. Chased off by a bus full of Ancient Greeks, waddling in with cigarettes and canes flying.

12:00 arrive at Byzantine Monastery of
Hosios Loukas. Ancient trees. Sacred bones. Taper candles in sandboxes. Chills and good vibrations.


12:30 Over Mt Parnassus into the ancient site of Delphi.

12:45 waiting for clients in empty taverna of Vakhos. Coffee #3.

2:45 pick up clients. WHOOSH! Back to Vakhos. Invited for lunch, Horta and tomatoes stuffed with rice and raisins. Clients: "MM MM, YUMMY!" Yay! Pay. Off we go.

3:45 Village of Arahova. CLICK! Back in the bus.

4:15 Somber moment at the monument of Distomo.  Tragic details here (not for the sensitive. Pita this means you.)

6:15, Athens Traffic
Bob tells me about an incredible woman. TV star, journalist, novelist, columnist, first person to interview the Dali Lama.

Great name.

7:15 arrive at Marriot Hotel. Goodbye! Good to meet you! Have a good cruise! VROOOM off to the theater where at

7:30 nine actors are ready to be taken to the Intercontinental Hotel

8:05, stumble out of Big Blackie, zig zag across three streets and up four flights of stairs. Throw off shoes. Salute housemates. Throw open refigerator. So... hungry...

8:15 fried egg and tomato on twice baked bread

8:45 Washing dishes, water heater turned on, visions of a shower, glass of wine, chapter two of post Skinny Legs and All book:

 RING RING! Turn off water heater. Shoes back on. Print out sign.

9:15 Athens Traffic (another protest)

9:30 Gas Station in the dark. Pakistani men speaking Greek, fill 'er up (στα Ελλενικἀ)

10:15 Venizelos International Airport, third level, McDonalds drinking Lipton Caramel tea from a paper cup and stealing french fries.

11:10 Standing in line of receivers holding sign, tottering like a bowling pin.

11:15 Welcome to Athens, Ms. Williams and family.

11:25 "Is that the Acropolis?" "Not yet. We'll tell you." "Is THAT the Acropolis?" "No, don't worry, we'll tell you." "OH! I THINK I SEE IT!" "No."

11:40 Drop off at the Carolina Hotel"No, it's perfectly safe. Yes, maybe avoid the center. Bye bye!"

11:50 Stumble out of big blackie, trip past prostitutes, zig zag across three streets, take elevator.

12:10 Brushy brushy, flossy flossy

12:57 Finish B*og