Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just the facts.

I'm having a hard time writing tonight. I've erased over 2,000 words by now. Everything I've written sounds too "Wah wah wah" or to "Me me me" and not in a constructive way. More in a whiney way. lnstead, I'm documenting a few facts.
When I've had a little sleep, when I'm feeling a little less self-important, my fountain of good words will start up again, I just know it.

My name is Paige.

This morning I was very very tired. I have not recovered from the activity of my trip and did not have milk for my Nescafe this morning so I forfeited coffee altogether.

We gave a tour to some people who came by reference of someone whose opinion I value.  They had what they called a "perfect" day.

The tips paid for my groceries. I splurged on a big bottle of olive oil and nice honey. Replaced the milk.

During the day, three seperate people told me that by now I should know Greek better than I do.

 These people all believe I have been here longer than I have. This is because I told them so.

I interviewed for a job that I really want.

I was very nervous and it showed.

She said I would hear in a day or two.

 Someone threw away a glass bottle from my desk.

The glass bottle can be replaced, but I liked it because there was a pretty girl painted on the label that made it artistic.

I kept it full of water so that I could drink from it without using plastic bottles.

I liked how it looked on my desk.

I complained.

It made the someone mad.

We are not speaking at this hour.

I had a funny dinner because there were no tables at the taverna I go to quite often, so I sat on the steps with a plate of fava on my knees because I was very hungry.

I actually liked this.

The fight about the glass bottle coupled with the fava giving me terrible gas has tainted my funny memory.

My computer is about to run out of battery.

I am very tired.