Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mexican food in Greece

Dear Mr. OHD,

Tonight my "gang" stumbled onto a Mexican restaurant on an off street and we had mole. I thought of you.

I'm not sure it is exactly South Austin quality but it was that unfamiliar familiar that made me feel all chocolate and peanuty inside... and I'm dying to know what brought a Mexican to Greece. Do you know she knew Greek perfectly? Maybe Greek is easier than English for a Mexican, not that a million or three Mexicans haven't mastered English in our own state of Texas.

Opted out of of a Delphi trip so I could stay and work on homework. Now I've got that crabby throat syndrome that lets me know I've got some kind of critter... the kind that dwells in Air Conditioners and sprays out straight into your olfactory system. Slowly you get weak...

Today I learned some rules for life, thanks to Plaka eccentric, Tom:

And another one from an anonymous source: