Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wrote a b*og about snacking. A subject close to my heart.

Let's take a very brief moment to make you understand how important snacking is to me.

Imagine you've eaten a perfectly normal, nutritious breakfast at a very regular hour. Let's say 7:30am. Now that you've eaten, you go into your day. You work, you walk, you explore, you communicate, and before you know it three hours have passed. A normal person will continue walking, communicating, answering the telephones, but what if you were put under a spell? Three hours after eating you start to feel differently. Move more slowly. The things that are coming out of your mouth don't match the things in your head, like Cassandra doomed to give out prophesies that no one believed. And about your head, let's say it starts darkening. What once was golden and blooming becomes dark, clouded, stormy... you start hating everyone around you. The people in front of you in line, the lady talking to you about a tv show, they're all your mortal enemies. You feel dizzy. Your heart starts racing. You think maybe in the next ten seconds you're going to fall down.

Then you eat a handful of almonds and everything goes back to the way it was.

Can you imagine what this is like? This is the world of the hypoglaucemic. This has been my stupidest burden since I was crazy about eating a mixing bowl's worth of Fruity Pebbles and watching a marathon of Casper the Friendly Ghost, which by the way, is maybe the worst thing I could have been feeding myself in those early years, but somehow I either toughed it out or everyone around me managed to live with the monster that comes out when my blood sugar drops.

A nightmare controlled by cheese and peanut butter.

Weird, huh?

Anyway this is a silly, self indulgant post. Tomorrow is the first day I will have had off in two weeks. That's a good thing. It feels especially nice because today we had some clients that we drew into using us way back in December. We sat around their kitchen table and convinced them of why we would be the best people to show them around Athens and take them to their father's home village of Preveza. There was some tension in the middle about money, another stupid burden, but today we got to prove to them that we're worth it. We orchestrated a day that made their hearts hum. There was a lot of easy laughter and "WOOOOWWWWWWW" noises, and that makes me melt, I tell you.

These are the days that make the nightmares disappear. These days are like peanut butter to the mixing bowls of sugary kid cereal. I'm in love with these days.

Good night.