Friday, July 2, 2010

Time is on my side...

but it slipped away from me tonight. I'd wanted to write a grand and hearty, chicken fried steak style thank you to the good thoughts about my little laptop crisis. She's sitting here with me know, humming along, looking bright and shiny and sparkling with a new screen. I don't think her keys have ever been so clean.

Best of all, upon opening, all of my sheeeiiit was still there, and here, and everywhere... I mean honestly, if it weren't that this was all pixelized and somehow controlled by boxes and icons, mandatory filing of whatever order, my computer would look like the desk of a mad librarian, capped with towers of periodicals and scribbled-upon loose leaf paper

I meant that as in mad like a hatter and not like, well. You get it.

Speaking of hats, and librarians, and messes, I have to tell you about the woman in purple. But it's such a good story and I'm a bit sleepy, a bit overwhelmed by the day and my rush of relief at having my treasure chest safe and sound, that I'm going to save it for tomorrow along with the rest of the scribbles I made to try and keep up with my 100 day challenge, which is spiralling toward its end here. I hope I get in some good ones before it curls gracefully to the ground for good.

Thanks again.