Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preparing for Departures

Tonight is a flower Moon, or to the Dakota Sioux Indians, "The Moon when the Leaves are Green," and according to my mystical calendar one is to "use this time to foster growth and expansion. Work hard and play hard."

  Tomorrow I fly on a Pegasus across a sea named after a grievous King to a city that once was thought of as Paradise. I have a mission. I'll be asked lots of questions.

I'll sleep in a palace

And no, why would you think I was excited?

Packing List:

Tibetan Coin Charm Bracelet
Cherry Lip Gloss
Little Red Laptop
Business Cards

Iron Camel
Minnetonka Moccasins

Dream Pillow
Cowboy boots

If I'm forgetting anything...

PS. If you didn't guess it, my internet has been mopey. I don't think it shares any of the color of the whilom incident, especially now that the building catches illegals in its vibrissae before they can through the nose. Still, I couldn't post. I got my first complaint about missing days. Felt pretty good.