Thursday, June 10, 2010


After a truly terrible day...a truly difficult, thorny, turn your gray hair, make your head explode kind of day full of inner demons (Paige the F.UP) and real troubles (losing your clients of great national value to their homeland, for one) I first licked my wounds with a scoop of mojito ice cream and then went to the task of my first official check in as the new Local Expert on Athens for That's, and I'll be asking you to click on that link a few times a day, but not just yet.

Really it amazes me how the world can seemingly be trying to chew you up like hydrated kibble one minute and throwing flowers at you the next. "Yay! We love you! Way to go!" It's a little how I feel today.

I've been writing a lot today, just not here. I wrote my new nileguide profile. My new Athens Local Expert Profile on a new blogging website, my new twitter profile, my new this, my new that, and it seems fitting that just yesterday I made my mission to spend less time in my laptop. The universe had a good laugh.

So if you'll forgive me this teenie weenie post that is very conciously omitting all of the inglorious details about Phillippino dignitaries having their way with me in the Golden Hall...