Monday, June 21, 2010

Pics from my hood

Slide show time! These pictures don't exactly display my amateur photographer status, which I think is steadily climbing. But these are more of an informative, who's who and what's what for you, so that you've got some visuals, you know? It's nice to imagine things and all, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand adjectives.
(Well, I mean sometimes.)

 This is Voulis Street. I've mentioned it so many times, when you arrive in Athens you'll have it on the tip of your tongue. It's shady, narrow, close to everything, but still feels like an old Greek neighborhood. What a street.

I've mentioned the men always playing Tavli. Well here they are... I disrupted them because I didn't want to be rude and just start touristing myself into Obnoxia, just clicking away like they were automatons*. (That's not a word. I made it into something that sounds like an old Kingdom, as in, I dwell in the land of Obnoxia...) Anyway it was a big surprise they bothered to stop their game and look up. Must be the red hair. Takes people off guard.

*Honestly I was starting to wonder if they were automatons. They're ALWAYS there!!

I took a boot with a broken zipper and a sandal with an unglued pad to this shoe repair shop that's been here since the time of Hercules. He didn't charge me for either.

Front entry to my office. My office which is not in McDonald's. You see how we progress in this world?

 This is my corner desk by the window. I have beautiful folders and a Vera Bradley marker board. Fancy me.

This is the man who sits at the end of Kodrou Street (the Plaka side of Voulis) every day. EVERY day. You see he was born around the time the shoe store opened and the Nemean lion was meeting it's end...

Here he is again. See how the pigeons are drawn to him like rats to the Pied Piper?

The devoted Groupie...

This is where I'm cheating on Deseo's because their coffee is infinitely superior.

See how many different kinds of coffee they have? Ethiopia or Costa Rica? Mexico or Columbia? (And they serve it with a cookie!) You can count on this place being featured in NG in the not so distant future.

And to end, we have my new favorite poster, tacked on a column. Look closely now...