Monday, June 21, 2010


If someone would be so kind as to hand me a fat wad of cash, I would do the following things:

Buy a bus.

Build a Studio.

"Studio Matisse" by Rhoda Isaacson

Have two sets of sheets.

Go to India to buy the sheets.

Send my fam back at home the things they need:



Wear dresses from Turkey every day of the week.

See an opera in the ancient theater of Herodes Atticus.

Fly baby Scarlett and her mother to see it with me.

I read somewhere that in the Great Depression, while everyone was jobless and going hungry, there was corn and cotton in the fields, eggs under the chickens, you get the idea. There were all of the resources needed except for money.

The comparison was made that it was like a baker who had eggs, milk, sugar, flour, and was told to make a cake. But she didn't have ounces or liters.

I know it's silly to feel broke, but I would still like to wear dresses from Turkey every day. Being a new-agey, "The universe provides all" kind of girl, I know that if my higher consciousness really wants to wear dresses from Turkey every day or see my sister and her daughter in Greece, it will happen. But if I had money, I could make it happen so much faster...